The End of Psycho-Spiritual Weight Loss. The Birth of Psycho-Spiritual Wellness, Baby

why I stopped calling myself a weight loss coach and transitioned to 'feel normal around food' coaching instead

A lot of my YouTube videos start with something like, “Hey! I’m Kari, a Psycho-Spiritual Weight Loss coach.” And yeaahhhh, that’s not really a thing anymore.

I’m officially announcing the end of “Psycho-Spiritual Weight Loss.” RIP.

And today, I’m announcing the birth of something new: Psycho-Spiritual Wellness.

This feels better-aligned with my values and the way I like to talk about compulsive eating.

In a nutshell, Psycho-Spiritual Wellness is a path to stop compulsive eating rooted in psychology and spirituality — not dieting.

Instead of trying to help you with weight loss alone, my goal is to help you stop overeating and let your weight regulate itself.

I acknowledge that change is awkward. 

Maybe there’s an elephant in the room now. 

Perhaps you’re wondering if my advice can’t help with weight loss anymore.

And to address that possible concern right now: I think it still can, if that’s what’s right for you.

I believe that, if someone is above their natural weight and they stop overeating, they will naturally lose weight. I don’t think I’m reinventing the wheel with that.

So if you’d like to both feel normal around food and lose weight, I can still help.

And if you only want to feel normal around food and don’t care about weight loss, then again, I can definitely still help. 


If you’re only here to lose weight, then perhaps it’s time to part ways. I will be sad to see you go, but I don’t think you’ll find my weekly newsletters very interesting anymore.

So, are you will with me?

Just to make sure we’re on the same page, here are a list of qualities about the person that I think should stay.

See if you can relate to any of them:

  • You know you want a healthy relationship around food
  • You want to stop binge eating, night eating, and general overeating
  • You know, deep down, that maybe… maybe dieting just doesn’t work
  • You’re tired of spending your entire life focused on losing weight
  • You’d still like to be a healthy weight, but are willing to explore other non-dieting avenues to get there
  • You’re kind of a spiritual badass who is willing to feel her feelings, or at least would like to be able to do this

If any of those statements describes you, then I want us to stick together. You’re in the right place!

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You’ll continue to get little notes from me each Tuesday — just a different end goal: to feel normal around food.

For those who stick around, thank you SO so much for being here with me.

It really means a lot.

Oh, and if you’re new, the best way to get started is by downloading my free 13-page ebook on Psycho-Spiritual Wellness below:

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