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feel normal around food again

How to Get Started on the Path to Feeling Normal Around Food

Ready to stop compulsive eating without dieting or counting calories ever again? Curious about that phrase Psycho-Spiritual Wellness? Well, you landed in the right spot! Here’s what I would do if I was you…

I’ll be happy if you get to #1 — and I’ll be delighted if you make it to #6 😊

Step 1. Sign up for my free ebook, emails, and goodies — they are EPIC

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While my blog is technical and well-researched, my emails are personal and soulful. I like to share the lessons I’ve learned (the hard way!) about stopping compulsive eating so that you can stay inspired.

Email is my jam! You’ll see why. Once you join my community, you’ll get an epic little ebook and a 5-day email course in Psycho-Spiritual Wellness — all for free. You’ll learn the most essential nuggets for stopping compulsive eating the psycho-spiritual way.

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Step 2. Take my quiz to discover your eating psychology strength

Even if you *feel like* you only have weaknesses around food, we all have a strength, and I bet I can guess yours.


Step 3. Understand why you do the things you do around food

Self-sabotage around food is the worst. Sometimes it looks like “eating well all week” only to binge on Friday night… and keep the binge going until Monday morning. Other times it looks like knowing in your brain what your body needs, but then compulsively reaching for chips or cookies when you don’t actually want to!!!

Why do we do these things?! Believe it or not, self-sabotage is driven by somehow getting a greater positive benefit from overeating than from letting go of the pattern. I know it sounds crazy!!! But when you do my workbook, you’ll see what I mean.

Why We Do the Things We Do is a harpoon for the limiting beliefs that drive self-sabotage. When you put pen to paper, you’ll discover how your subconscious has been trying to protect you — and how you can compassionately shake free from your limiting beliefs.

Step 4. Get Discounts with “The Whole Shebang!”

If you are straight-up loving my content and eager to learn all.the.things, dive into the deep end with The Whole Shebang. Not only will you get access to ALL of my books, workbooks, and online courses — but you’ll get them bundled at a whopping 25% off. I packed so much soul into every offering, and they all bring something different to the path to feeling normal around food.

The Whole Shebang knocks $137 off the price tag! And if you’ve already purchased something and later decide you want The Whole Shebang, just email me and I’ll send you a discount to apply the price you’ve already paid. My email is [email protected].

Which brings me to the next step…

Step 5. Hit reply to one of my emails!

I read and reply to every single email I get!

I tend to sign off my emails with the words “hit reply!!!” — and I mean it. I know some people say it and then never actually read or reply, but I promise you that I read and reply to every single email that I get.

Let’s be real: the food struggle is deeply personal — and email provides a safe space for us to chat about the deep stuff. Also, I don’t use social media, so you can’t find me on Instagram of Facebook. (Although I do have a YouTube channel and Pinterest, but those aren’t as conductive to conversations as an email.)

So, send me an email anytime to [email protected]. I usually reply within one day on weekdays and perhaps a little longer on the weekend, depending on how much of a nerd I am being or not!

Step 6. Let’s meet face-to-face for some coaching!

I would love the chance to meet you one-on-one through Feel Normal Around Food Coaching. There’s a lot of clarity to be gained through coaching, which helps you focus your energy where it matters instead of taking stabs in the dark.

Personally, I like to follow my coaches from afar before diving into one-on-one work, and if it makes you feel more comfortable, I encourage you to do the same! If you love my emails, and especially if you love my premium books and courses, you will get a lot from coaching — even just one session.