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I help people that feel crazy around food feel normal again

I personally know what it’s like to struggle with compulsive eating — it’s a ninth circle of hell that I never want to visit again. And I want to personally see that you get your own roadmap out of that place, too. While I proudly share on my about me page that I am not a doctor or dietitian or nutritionist, what I am is someone that’s been there. I know exactly what it feels like to logically know what to do but end up flailing around in the struggle. And I would love nothing more than to share the map I used to climb out of the abyss. 

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Workbooks are a secret weapon. They help you discover hidden beliefs that you don't even know you have. My workbook, Why We Do the Things We Do, is a harpoon for limiting beliefs that trigger self-sabotage around food.

I took everything I learned over the last 6 years of growing past compulsive eating without dieting and neatly organized it into 40 video lessons. This ultimate course is called Food Normal, and it's my latest and greatest offering.

Do you love a good deal? I certainly do! You can save 25% when you bundle allllll my digital books, workbooks, and online courses together. I fondly call it, The Whole Shebang and it's a screaming good deal.

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I call my style of coaching "Feel Normal Around Food" Coaching, where I have the honor of holding up the mirror and asking the right questions so that you can pull out the gems that you already have within yourself.

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