Stopping Sugar Addiction the Psycho-Spiritual Way


Learn the exact steps to feeling normal around sugar.

An 81-page workbook packed with articles, worksheets, and flow charts to help you navigate the psychology of sugar cravings.

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Master your psychology to stop overeating sugar

Here’s what this workbook is not: It’s not a diet, it’s not an exercise plan, and it’s not going to offer dumb “hacks” like keeping sugar out of the house. (Which only makes us want it more, by the way!)

You’re a very smart person. I know this, because most of us overeaters are. We don’t overeat because we don’t know enough about nutrition and exercise! I argue that we almost know too much!

Psycho-Spiritual Wellness is about stepping away from the external stuff (like diets and exercise) and doing the inner work. My philosophy helps you master your mindset and, most importantly, learn to coexist with uncomfortable feelings so that you can stop overeating.

Because, if you haven’t learned yet from my blog or free ebook, every desire to overeat is driven by the unconscious desire to avoid a negative emotion. If that sounds super weird, I used to feel that way too.

I used to think I was just addicted to sugar and lacked willpower. But once I started diving into my psychology, everything changed. I realized that I already had everything I needed to stop overeating — I just needed to get my psychology working with me instead of against me, and that’s what Stopping Sugar Addiction the Psycho-Spiritual Way is all about.

This workbook helps you work WITH your psychology, instead of against it, to stop unwanted sugar cravings.

The workbook is a hybrid of articles, worksheets, and flow charts to help you navigate all my woo woo Psycho-Spiritual philosophy. And if I may say so myself: the flow charts are awesoooome. They make the concepts crystal clear.

action pack guidance, divided into 10 days

You are not weak.

You do not lack willpower.

You are already more than capable of saying no to sugar when it’s not what you actually want.

This workbook will help you access that ability.

It’s not a magic pill. It’s just an outline of the steps that worked for me and all my clients, distilled into an action-packed workbook that you can start using immediately.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the “Stopping Sugar Addiction” workbook:

In this action-packed 81-page workbook, you’ll learn:

  • Why you feel addicted to sugar — not just from a biological level, but from a psycho-spiritual level.
  • What to do when you crave sugar after dinner or at midnight — this is where most of us struggle, and there are lots of fancy flow charts to help you navigate this difficult area.
  • How to stop thinking about sugar 24/7 — hint: if you’re thinking about sugar all day, it could be hedonic eating, and this workbook shows the exact steps to tackle this problem area.

When I sent the sugar survey a few months ago, I heard a chorus of similar noises, like:

“It’s unhealthy, it’s bad for blood sugar, it’s bad for insulin resistance, it’s bad for diabetes, it’s just straight-up hard on your body, it creates inflammation, it makes you feel sick, the more you have the more you want, the more you resist the more you want, it’s a drug.”

“It makes you gain weight, it makes your skin break out, it has very real effects on your organs and hormones. It’s the only thing that you crave when you’re utterly exhausted.”

“I feel SO guilty when I eat it. So I eat it in secret, I hide it, stash it away, and I feel like an awful person for it.”

Sugar is the bane of our existence, it seems. And that’s why I created the Stopping Sugar Addiction workbook. It helps you work WITH your psychology, not against it, to help ease sugar cravings.

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