Daily Reminders on Psycho-Spiritual Wellness



Daily Reminders on Psycho‑Spiritual Wellness

Keep yourself reminded of what matters on the path to feeling normal around food with my full‑length ebook

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digital bundle [cover of Daily Reminders and its sequel]

Stay inspired on the path to giving up dieting and feeling normal around food

Daily Reminders on Psycho-Spiritual Wellness is an anecdotal guide on how to stop overeating using a purely psychological and spiritual approach. 

In these 311 pages, you’ll find technical guides and lots of heart-felt stories that obliterate the traditional mindset that weight loss is just a matter of “calories in, calories out.”

Some parts will make you feel mushy-gushy and seen. Other parts expose my mistakes from the early stages so that you can learn from them.

Most importantly, this book talks about everything I’ve learned over the past 7 years about giving up dieting and navigate the path to feeling normal around food.

In this full-length ebook, you’ll learn…

  • What mistakes I made when I first gave up dieting (so that you can avoid the same pitfalls)
  • How to know if you’re “doing it right” (hint: it looks different for everyone, and this book covers all kinds of topics for that reason)
  • What a “better” mindset is to reach your natural weight (Hint: Is it bad to want to lose weight? Does permission-to-eat lead to weight gain? These questions, and hundreds more, are answered in this book)
  • How to find compassion for yourself during this difficult journey
  • What the 4 pillars of Psycho-Spiritual Wellness are
  • How to stay focused on the path to stop dieting and feeling normal around food

The psychology of overeating is covered from many different angles in this book. What they all have in common is that these are the lessons I wish I knew when I got started.

Here’s exactly what you get when you buy Daily Reminders on Psycho‑Spiritual Wellness:

digital bundle [cover of Daily Reminders and its sequel]

You’re completely covered by my “bamboozle-free guarantee” — a 14-day return policy for peace of mind.

FREE BONUS: Daily Reminders Expansion Series

I pour my heart and soul into my newsletters, often drawing upon my own struggles with food (and life! because it’s all connected) and how I worked through it.

When an email contains a juicy nugget, it gets sent once and then it disappears. What about future readers? What about all the lessons learned in between? That’s why I created my full-length ebook Daily Reminders on Psycho-Spiritual Wellness.

As time went on, my newsletters only got juicier and I didn’t want you to miss any of them. So, I gathered them all together in a powerful sequel: Daily Reminders Expansion Series.

All together, both ebooks provide a whopping 484 pages of my best content beautifully tied together. Each bite-sized chapter is meant to stand alone. Read one per day, or whenever you need a pick-me-up, to stay inspired and reminded of what matters.

The “Bamboozle-Free Guarantee”

I’m confident that Daily Reminders will deliver even more value than it’s price tag — leaving you with powerful nuggets that will make it worth every cent. 

That why I cover this ebook with a 14-day money-back guarantee (like I do for all my products).

If you’re unhappy for any reason, just send an email to hello[at]karidahlgren[dot]net asking for a refund. I respond to all my emails within 24 hours Mon-Fri and 48 hours on the weekend.

There is zero risk in giving this full-length ebook (and its sequel!) a try. 

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You’re completely covered by my “bamboozle-free guarantee” — a 14-day return policy for peace of mind.