Why We Do the Things We Do: A Workbook to Curb Self-Sabotage Around Food


You can’t heal what you can’t see. 

A juicy 69-page downloadable workbook that will bring awareness to the reasons why you do the things you do around food. My most popular offering by far.

This workbook is covered by my bamboozle-free guarantee — a 30-day money-back guarantee, because I am confident that you will get something amazing out of this work.


Why We Do the Things We Do

Heal limiting beliefs & stop self-sabotage around food with this powerful, digital workbook — my bestseller

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You’re completely covered by my “bamboozle-free guarantee” — a 30-day return policy for peace of mind.

When your internal belief system and your external actions don’t match, self-sabotage happens.

See if you can relate to this…

Do you ever find yourself eating while standing in front of the fridge, even though your brain is telling you not to? As if your body was being controlled by something else?

Have you considered giving up dieting but find it too scary — because you’re afraid of gaining weight? Afraid that if you “let yourself loose” around food, you’ll eat everything in sight?

Yup. Been there, done and felt aaaall that.

This workbook was designed to help bring clarity to the reasons why we keep taking one step forward and one step back. Why we keep losing and gaining the same 15 pounds over and over and over again.

Why We Do the Things We Do will help you discover the psychological blocks to compulsive eating, overeating, and weight loss — namely: the positive benefit.

Whenever self-sabotage is involved, we are somehow getting a greater positive benefit from overeating than from reaching our natural weight.

I know this sounds crazy, but at a deeply subconscious level, it’s true.

Here’s one of my YouTube videos where I explain this concept in-depth. It includes examples straight from this workbook:

I know it sounds preposterous that the struggle with food can offer something positive. After all, overeating is often the very bane of our existence! But if you keep an open mind, you just might be shocked at how understandable our human behavior is. (And that’s just one of a million reasons why this workbook is steeped in compassion.)

Even though we might be convinced (con-freaking-vinced) that we have had enough of the yo-yo dieting roller coaster, we continue to self-sabotage because of our subconscious beliefs.

And no matter how smart we are, we can’t figure it out because they’re subconscious. We have no idea we’re even thinking these things in the first place. It’s no wonder we keep banging our heads against the wall!

This powerful digital workbook is your tool to discover what your unique beliefs are. Here’s how it worked for my student Penny:

You’re completely covered by my “bamboozle-free guarantee” — a 30-day return policy for peace of mind.

In this workbook, you’ll learn…

  • What you are believing at a subconscious level about losing weight
  • Why you self-sabotage even though you are convinced, at the surface level, that you’re ready
  • How to access compassion during moments when we usually beat ourselves up
  • What your “positive benefit” is (the ultimate cause of self-sabotage)
  • How to use psychology to your advantage (like “helpful catastrophizing” for instance)

Look Inside!

Want to take a quick peek inside? Here are some sample pages from Why We Do the Things We Do:

Helpful details: These are samples from the full-color, 69-page version of the workbook. Black-and-white versions are included in the printer-friendly version, and you get both with your purchase.

Here’s exactly what you get with the Why We Do the Things We Do digital bundle:

You’re completely covered by my “bamboozle-free guarantee” — a 30-day return policy for peace of mind.

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This fun little bonus is my gift to you, as a thank you for taking the brave step towards discovering your subconscious beliefs. This work is confronting, and it takes real courage to put pen to paper. This is my way of encouraging you to take the leap of faith and buy this digital bundle! It is game-changing!!!

The “Bamboozle-Free Guarantee”

I’m confident that this digital workbook will uncover limiting beliefs that you didn’t even know you had. You will walk away with more self-understanding, self-compassion, and readiness for healing than you ever thought a little workbook could provide!

That why I cover this workbook with a 30-day money-back guarantee (like I do for all my products).

If you’re unhappy for any reason, just send an email to hello[at]karidahlgren[dot]net asking for a refund. I respond to all my emails within 24 hours Mon-Fri and 48 hours on the weekend.

There is zero risk in giving Why We Do the Things We Do a try. But there’s a whole lot you can learn. Namely: overcoming compulsive eating long-term.

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You’re completely covered by my “bamboozle-free guarantee” — a 30-day return policy for peace of mind.