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Not sure what these books are about? Let’s slow down, get comfy, and dig into allll the details below.

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Discover the DEEP subconscious reasons why we reach for food even when we really don’t want to.

This is what my most popular workbook is all about. It’s called Why We Do the Things We Do: A Workbook to Curb Self-Sabotage.

See if you can relate to this…

Do you ever find yourself eating while standing in front of the fridge, even though your brain is telling you not to? As if your body was being controlled by something else?

And then your arm keeps reaching back for more chips or cookies even though you’re internally screaming at yourself to stop?

Yup. Been there, done and felt aaaall that.

This workbook was designed to help bring clarity to the reasons why we keep taking one step forward and one step back. Why we keep losing and gaining the same 15 pounds over and over and over again.

They say you have to “feel it to heal it.”

But this workbooks takes it one step further and helps you “SEE it to heal it.”

If we don’t know what we believe about food, we can’t work past it. And that’s the power of putting pen to paper in a workbook like this.

When I completed this myself, I kept thinking to myself, “Wow, I can’t believe I actually think this!”

That’s the power of subconscious beliefs.

It’s no wonder we keep banging our heads against the wall, screaming at ourselves for not having enough willpower, when really we just couldn’t see what was in our way.

This 69-page workbook is your tool to discover what’s standing in your way so that you can liberate yourself from the agonizing food struggle.

You’re completely covered by my “bamboozle-free guarantee” — a 30-day return policy for peace of mind

Imagine living your life without dieting AND without binge eating…

What would it be like to have a box of chocolates sitting in front of you without the desire to plunge into them?

These are some of the experiences that readers have shared after completing this workbook.

See what they said:

Hi Kari, I just have to share with you that I haven’t binged in 7 days! That is huge for me. I haven’t gone that long without bingeing for years and years. I felt trapped in the cycle but working through your workbook and reading Daily Reminders has helped me so much. I feel better physically and emotionally. My IBS has calmed down drastically and I don’t let my feelings fester. Thank you so much! Karine
I found you online and I have to tell you that you have truly changed my life.  I’m 46 years old and I have felt shame for all of the food I have put in my mouth my entire adult life. My whole life I’ve been told that I was too heavy to do or be this, that, or the other thing.  I tortured myself with diets and none of them worked for me.I found you and I downloaded your book and workbook and I feel like a veil has been lifted from me. A weight has been taken from me, literally.  I have lost a little weight by not being so obsessive about what I am eating, but more than that I’ve lost the shame and guilt and anger that comes with trying to be “perfect”. Susie
A few days ago, I stumbled upon your… website, I think. I can’t even remember exactly what I stumbled upon, and how it happened. It resonated with me. I downloaded your workbook, and as I read through it once, I immediately knew which segment would help. I went straight to that segment, did the psychological and emotional work, and it absolutely worked! Your workbook helped me identify the exact moment – a specific conversation with a relative – when I first felt I needed protection. The memory bubbled up to the surface as if relieved to be discovered. That realization came within minutes of starting your workbook! It was life-altering. For the past few days, my relationship with food has seen an astounding change. Stop-Drop-and-Feel is brilliant, and it absolutely works. But my best experience so far is just now, faced with a box of chocolates I’d bought last week. I only ate three pieces. I allowed myself to eat more, if I wanted, but I didn’t want any more. If you knew me, you would find that unbelievable, because I would normally empty an entire box if left unchecked. Thank you for your life-changing work! Michelle

When we’ve struggled with food for SO long (decades usually!), it’s almost insulting that a simple workbook could help — don’t let that stop you from a breakthrough!

Trust me, I know what that feels like. And I cannot express how powerful a workbook can actually be! Something cracks open when we separate our thoughts onto paper.

I know you’re ready for this. Take advantage of this special offer while it lasts! Get this workbook + my flagship book bundled together for 25% off by clicking the button below:

You’re completely covered by my “bamboozle-free guarantee” — a 30-day return policy for peace of mind

Daily Reminders: a step-by-step roadmap to feeling less crazy around food

Daily Reminders book cover

Daily Reminders on Psycho-Spiritual Wellness is my full-length ebook on how to stop overeating using purely psychological and spiritual practices.

In 205 pages of my absolute best content, you’ll find technical guides and lots of heart-felt stories that obliterate the traditional mindset that weight loss is just a matter of “calories in, calories out.”

Do you want to avoid all the mistakes I made as I gave up dieting and stopped overeating?

This book is perfect for drilling straight down into the heart of Psycho-Spiritual Wellness, which is my method for stopping compulsive eating without actually dieting.

If you know in your heart that you want to stop dieting, but your mind is afraid to death that it will lead to weight gain, then you need this book.

In this book, you will learn:

  • What the 4 pillars of Psycho-Spiritual Wellness are
  • How to stay focused on the path to stop dieting and feeling normal around food
  • What mistakes I made when I first gave up dieting (so that you can avoid the same pitfalls)
  • How to know if you’re “doing it right” (hint: it looks different for everyone, and this book covers all kinds of topics for that reason)
  • What a “better” mindset is to reach your natural weight (hint: is it bad to want to lose weight? This question is addressed directly)
  • How to find compassion for yourself during this difficult journey

The psychology of overeating is covered from many different angles in this book. What they all have in common is that these are the lessons I wish I knew when I got started.

It also comes with a FREE expansion series that clocks in at 102 pages!

daily reminders with bonus ebook

Remember, there’s no risk in purchasing because you’re covered by my “bamboozle-free guarantee”

Imagine feeling more calm and peaceful around your most “tempting” foods…

This is what Psycho-Spiritual Wellness is designed for! And Daily Reminders provides the keys.

See what others have said:

I read through your free ebook and THAT WAS IT!! This was how I felt, what I would do, what I would think… this was right on 100% me! So I bought your book. It’s only been about a week and I only read through page 164, and you have no idea how much it had helped me. I eat whatever I feel like without restriction, I SDF, I take the time to ask myself what’s going on inside, I wait to be hungry to eat… a life changer!! I feel so much better and I’m confident that you gave me the tools to keep getting better. So I basically just wanted to send you a huge than you for your newsletters and for your wonderful book! I could never thank you enough for getting my life back without food obsession. Melissa
I am currently reading your book and I love love love what you have to say. It really rings true to me or “pings me” as I sometimes say. There are SO MANY instances you have described where I swear you are in my head or living in my body. Carrie
I recently purchased your e-book “Daily Reminders on Psycho-Spiritual Wellness” and can honestly say that, reading a little every day has helped me tremendously! You are sooooo relatable!! Becca
I’m about halfway through your book, and I’m loving it. I’m not completely where I want to be yet, but your work has given me the self-compassion tools, power, insight and self-inquiry tools to help me come a really long way… and I’ve tried so many methods to curb/fix/eliminate my “food issues“ for so. many. years… Your work is incredible. Lauren

This book contains all of my best advice curated into 205 pages. Well, actually, 307 pages 🙂 because it comes with that FREE BONUS expansion series!

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